Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top Officials can now receive “Black Mark” for not preventing Illegal Construction

The Delhi High Court is set to put an end to unauthorized construction, They have issued a warning on Wednesday stating that they are contemplating on issuing “black marks” on the classified reports of government officials and police to make sure that stringent action like being demoted or not being promoted for failing to counter such criminal activity.

Badar Durrez Ahmed and Ashutosh Kumar from the bench of justice’s are eagerly waiting to see the day which puts an end to illegalconstruction. They believe this will only take effect if the court takes stringent action against these officials.

The bench of justice’s has suggested to put “black marks” in the Annual Confidential reports of the officials who fail to prevent unauthorized constructions despite being ordered from the court. This would mean that these officials would be downgraded and will never face promotion as they will be deemed unfit for the job. The court stressed that it makes no sense to register more and more complaints against unauthorized constructions as they should focus more on preventing this from happening in the first place.