Monday, 12 May 2014

Five features that raises property prices

Investing in a property absolutely is a biggest and influential decision in one’s life, before investing one should also clearly know their need of investment. If you have planned to invest to reap good returns in future then you should choose a property from which you can enjoy good appreciation.

Here are few points that one should consider reviews on Builders before buying a property in order to achieve good appreciation in property prices.

1. Location
The location in which the property is located is one of the major features that will have a most important effect and will carry good appreciation in property value. Choose a location where there is high demand for properties and which is not far from the city or close to the congested city traffic.

2. Accessibility
If your property is located in a locality, which is well connected through road, railways, and air to other parts of the city then it adds another big plus point to your property in increasing its value. Many experts say that the real estate market in a locality grows because of this reason.

3. Infrastructure
Another advantageous point that increases the value of your property is the infrastructure development in a locality where your property is situated. A decent neighborhood, closeness to other social structures like schools, colleges, and medical facilities are some of the elements that also influence on the property values in an area. Hence, it is advised to home buyers to check for the government’s plans for commercial development in the area along with present local facilities.

4. Demand
The demand for properties in any locality openly influences the property prices. The raise in demand may be for many reasons like large parcel of land available at lower prices in suburbs; usually people who make decision with first gut to buy land and understanding the potential of growth in the locality in such areas are the one who will benefit.

5. Quality of construction & amenities

The cost of construction and the quality of material used in the building also plays its part in increasing the value of the property, hence the buyers should always make sure that the material used and the amenities provided in the property are of good quality.
Many experts recommend investing in a property that is under construction or in pre-launch projects as by the completion of construction the price may increase.


  1. Apart from all the factors choosing an appropriate location is most important if location is well renowned means people will kept one eye or else if it is not in good location no one doesn’t take look at that property.

  2. property holders can take a look at these feature which helps them when they selling their property. Good article.