Monday, 30 June 2014

The Jolts in Bhubaneswar are putting up questions to the infrastructural safety to the real estate.

Bhubaneswar witnessed a minor earthquake on Wednesday night. After the earthquake’s frequency was strong enough to make major harm. Many of the buildings, pillars and multi-story skyscrapers have seen minor scars of the violent calamity. This was recorded as the highest magnitude in the state in the past time. This abrupt rough movement has brought the state under the question that how vigorous are its buildings. There has been a strong question over the strength of construction which is capable of handling jerks of higher magnitude.

As per the current approval process by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Cuttack Development Authority (CDA) it has been a difficult task for the developers to ensure that the strength of their construction is able enough to sustain even during the violent jerks and Jolts. The claim for this infrastructural sound building has put a lot of engineers in question who are involved privately with any government surveillance.

Prior to the approval of any construction it is necessary for the developer to get a clearance certificate proving that the building is sound enough to survive earthquakes and shocks. This approval is provided by a panel of engineers. The development authority of Bhubaneswar has made a list of 72 such private engineers which are the governing body for giving approvals for the same. Prior the possession of the flats and the issuing certificate the development agency asks the builder to produce a structural plan made by the concerned engineer.

According to the Bangalore Development Authority there are around 150 multi-store apartments and many  customers with reviews on their properties they are staying. The efforts cost a 25 percent increase in making the building safer and secure for bearing tremors up to 6.5 to 7 in the Richter scale. Whereas during the construction of independent houses the builder escapes the engineer advice in order to save money.

The BDA also has confirmed that proper assurance is given to the quake- resistant norm and its proper implementation. As the latest jolts in Bhubaneswar was an eye opener for the authorities to ask the engineers to follow all required norms and also adopt the zero tolerance resulting to any laxity in this concern. It is also recommended that the owners should take all the possible steps to review their apartments and follow all the corrective measures concerning to the issues of low resistant when it comes to earthquakes and jolts. Henceforth, it is entirely important to check for structural safety before encountering such calamities.


  1. Now a days in fast track countries like us UK ,USA and Japan were giving permission to the natural calamities resistant for constructing property. Government and authority should also check for these remedies before they permission Customers of flat buyers also aware of these things.

  2. I want to point out want what lakshmi bellad she said finishing project in given time is one challenge and constructing resistant structure is another tougher task to builders.